Newport Isle Of Wight County Court

Newport Isle Of Wight County Court: Looking at filing for bankruptcy at Newport Isle Of Wight County Court, You can now do this all online. Through you can complete the bankruptcy process online, book the date that you require and you will have access to the bankruptcy petition online before submitting it to Newport Isle Of Wight County Court.
Searching for your local county court in Newport Isle Of Wight? Need the contact details for Newport Isle Of Wight County Court?

We recommend that instead of contacting the county court directly that you complete your bankruptcy process online.
It will save you time, cost and hassle as we take the stress out of filing for bankruptcy. We deal with every court in the UK and you will be able to use our online bankruptcy wherever you are in the country not just in Newport Isle Of Wight.
If you still need to contact the Newport Isle Of Wight County Court directly then the contact details are as follows:

Court Address:
Newport Isle Of Wight County Court
The Law Courts
1 Quay Street
Newport Isle of Wight
PO30 5YT

General Contacts:
Before contacting Newport Isle Of Wight Court directly it is advised that you speak to one of our experienced bankruptcy experts on 0208 144 2947

Switchboard 01983 535 100
County Court: Fax 01983 821 039
Crown Court: Fax 01983 554 977

Opening Times:
Court building open 9.00 am
Court building closed 5.00 pm
Court counter open 9.00 am
Court counter closed 4.30 pm Monday to Thursday (4.00 pm Friday)